Case Studies

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Saratoga Hospital

Saratoga, NY

Saratoga Hospital is a distinguished healthcare provider operating 19+ facilities, including a 171-bed hospital. The facilities team needed the right technology to help grapple with complex operational requirements for inspections, patient safety, maintenance, and improvements.

City of Inglewood

Inglewood, CA

The City of Inglewood Public Works has always relied on paper plans for handling maintenance and improvements. The team was looking for ways to run more efficiently, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

Tormed Medical Buildings

Torrance, CA

Tormed was losing thousands a year in excessive energy costs and no visibility to building assets for better management, shutdowns and safety.

What they did

Mapped and traced building, installed CriticalAsset and loaded data on system.


Uncovered electrical usage issues that helped them save thousands a year. Also were able to have immediate access to building assets and improve work efficiency and safety.

City of Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach, CA

City of Manhattan Beach had a plan room in disarray, paper records lost or inaccurate resulting in redundant electrical work in excess of 100 hours a year.

What they did

They started with Police and Fire buildings installing CriticalAsset and loaded all of its plans, records, assets and documentation.


CriticalAsset was able to eliminate 100s of hours of redundant billed work and increase in-field daily productivity by 30%. This was enough for them to begin rolling out to more buildings.

Salvation Army

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Salvation Army was missing a solid documented view let alone a digital view of their building plans, documents and assets. As a result they were incurring higher costs for redundant billing for work already done and were exposed to unknown building risks.

What they did

They mapped and traced the building and entered all the data into SmartCSM as central place to access latest building data.


They were able to immediately eliminate redundant billing for already done given better digital record keeping and realize a 15% savings in operating budget resulting from improved overall team efficiency and reduction of redundancy in managing building's electrical.