Facilities asset management has never been easier

Ditch the spreadsheets and forget the messy plan room.

CriticalAsset eliminates the hassles of facilities asset management, allowing you to effortlessly manage, track and view all your infrastructure assets, devices and service history in one place, increasing uptime and saving you time and money.


Intuitive Surgical
City of Beverly Hills
CSU Bakersfield
CSU Dominguez Hills
West Sonoma County High School District
Arkansas State University
University of Texas El Paso
City of Manhattan Beach
City of Carson
City of Inglewood
City of Torrance
HRL Laboratories
Kindred Health
CHOC Children's
Saratoga Hospital
Agua Caliente Casino


Stress-free, remote facilities asset management

CriticalAsset makes it easy to track all your electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire-life safety, computers, phones, printers, monitors and other assets from any device.

Instantly access all asset data

Get instant access to warranty info, service history, user manuals, part numbers and other relevant asset data, making maintenance, service and repairs faster and easier.

Schedule and track asset service history

Easily add maintenance schedules and reminders to track service history and keep assets in the best health, optimizing their lifecycle.

Reduce headaches with predictive maintenance

Customizable daily, weekly and monthly status notifications keep you on top of your facilities’ needs. Fix things before they break down.

Be prepared for the unexpected

Get an instant view of affected areas so that you will know what will happen before shutting down critical infrastructure assets, such as an electrical circuit. Send notifications to those who will be impacted.

Get back up and running quickly after any unexpected shutdown

Upline and downline circuit mapping helps your facilities get up and running quickly after a shutdown of critical assets, such as electrical or plumbing devices.

QR code labels simplify your life

Built-in QR code labelling makes it easy to label any asset and scan it from your phone to instantly view important details and history.

Easily create and send work orders (coming soon)

Assign jobs and manage work orders for service, maintenance and repairs. Easily track time and costs.

Add sensors for real time asset tracking (coming soon)

IoT sensors provide the ultimate in predictive maintenance, offering real time asset monitoring and downtime tracking.

How it Works

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Instantly view your asset map and all your asset information at any time from any device.

Track and monitor all your assets


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Our customers us

CriticalAsset is an invaluable took for our medical buildings. It improves safety and saves us time, money and stress. The ROI has been immeasurable.
David Buxton, President
Tormed Medical Building
CriticalAsset helps us categorize and digitize all of our prints, locations and panel schedules. It’s so user friendly and I love the QR codes!
Sean Roberts, Facility Manager
City of Manhattan Beach, CA
CriticalAsset makes working remotely a breeze. It’s now so easy to see one entire map of all of our panels and breakers how they are all connected, all on my phone.
Byron Stone, Facility Manager
Santa Cruz Nutritionals
CriticalAsset makes it easy to quickly send someone directly to a broken asset for quick repair instead of trying to search around endlessly on our paper plans.
Andrew Brown, Facility Manager
Salvation Army
CriticalAsset is the future. It’s very user friendly. I used to have to dig through my plan room, but now I have everything immediately accessible on my phone!
Brandon Ely, Facility Manager
City of Inglewood, CA
CriticalAsset is a life-saver. It provides us with a lot more information about what we have in our libraries.
Charles Crouse, Facility Manager
PV Library System, CA
We use CriticalAsset for maintenance in all our facilities and it is now an integral part of our overall business.
Bill Wingerning,
Chairman Berg Electric
CriticalAsset is a transformative software that’s changing the way we do business. It improves our client responsiveness and our ability to service our clients in a much more expeditious manner.
Rob Moreno, SVP Berg Electric